One of CTS specialties is the construction of modular facilities.  All facilities are based on the customers requirements and can be build to clean room standards or as basic as the customer desires.  We have built both biological and chemical laboratories in addition to survival shelters.  We have designed both above ground and under ground shelters.  We offer several security options to include bullet proof structures that are fully self contained.  

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One the left is a 16ft by 40ft fully self contained laboratory built to clean room standards.  All air is HEPA filtered with cascading ventilation.  All utilities are self contained (power, water, air, refrigeration, etc.).  This facility is designed to break into 8, 10ft by 8ft pods that allow the facility to be disassembled and moved into underground spaces.  

Shown on the right is a basic processing facility built into a conex.   The facility can be transported between locations as needed.

We use the best and most reliable equipment that our customers can afford.  We know that everyone has a budget and we will work with you in the design stage to get you the very best product that is within your budget.

Self contained bio lab

​Modular Facilitiles and Survival Shelters

Conex survival shelter prepared for direct burial.  Our survival shelters can be designed for short duration type shelters to extended durations. and can be fully self contained to include all normal utilities found in  your home.  We offer an line of basic direct burial shelters to provide protection from weather related catastrophe's such as tornado's.